Historical Citizens Association

Welcome to HCA

Welcome to the Historical Citizens Association.  We are an educational organization (with 501C(3) non-profit/tax exempt status) comprised of living historians dedicated to portraying authentic citizens of the past.

Our main area of focus is the American Civil War, as we feel that the average citizen of that decade is under-represented at living history events.

We are constantly studying all aspects of 19th century life for both men and women including fashion, travel, language, etiquette and deportment, domestic arts, and other knowledge that would have been commonplace to the average person.

By incorporating such knowledge into our presentations, we not only pass it along to others but also help keep it alive for future generations.

In addition, we also enjoy portraying other eras, such as the 18th, early 19th (Regency/Empire), late 19th ("Late Victorian"), and early 20th centuries and attend various Living History events for these eras as our respective schedules permit.

Our group is comprised of a number of individuals throughout Southern CA.




Historical Citizens Association


For more information, please contact us at info@historicalcitizens.org.